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Brinton Quits, Making Three Council Seats Available In November

Brinton Quits, Making Three Council Seats Available In November

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Two – probably three – of the five seats on the Arcata City Council will be available to candidate aspirants this fall. Incumbent Mayor Mark Wheetley intends to run again, but Councilmember Alex Stillman will not. Terms of Councilmembers Shane Brinton, Susan Ornelas and Michael Winkler nominally

Wheetley Is New Mayor, Winkler Is Vice

Union Staff Report CITY HALL – In a brief ceremony attended by students of Arcata Elementary School and Sunny Brae Middle School this morning in Council Chamber, Arcata Mayor Shane Brinton relinquished the City Council’s top post and was replaced in that role by Mayor Mark Wheetley. The council vote, made on a motion by

Vice Mayor Shane Brinton: Welcome To Arcata – August 16, 2012

HSU students contribute to the community in many other ways too numerous to list here. Whatever your interests are, you will have plenty of opportunities to get involved. From habitat restoration and engineering to organic farming, poverty relief, business development, political activism and beyond, Arcata is a place where you can really make a difference.