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Birding with Brotman

Birding with Brotman

PENGUIN PURGE Quick thinking Union Ad Manager Jada Brotman, above right, performs the Heimlich Maneuver on an Emperor Penguin after the Antarctic avian began choking on a herring while dining at Salt Fish House. The unidentified penguin, here on vacation from its ice cap home, later flapped its 8-ounce wings with glee and referred to

Annual Business Leadership Awards dinner set for Feb. 24 at Arcata Community Center

Joellen Clark-Peterson Arcata Chamber of Commerce ARCATA – Arcata’s personality is defined by its number of colorful, local businesses. From grocery stores to the movies, restaurants and manufacturers, Arcata businesses are dedicated to the community and making sure it thrives. It’s not easy being geographically isolated, and now that we’re feeling the stress of our