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Dogtown: Get Pally with Jake and Cali

Dogtown: Get Pally with Jake and Cali

Week 40. Happy New Year!  May 2021 bring us all some relief from the challenges of 2020. It’s not just the shelter cats and dogs that could use a fresh start! Here are a couple of dogs that are already on their way to a new beginning and would be happy to share that with

Dogtown: Contrast and compare: Arrow and Andy

Week 34. The nights are getting longer and colder. Don’t underestimate the value of a four-legged foot warmer!  If you’ve been considering adding a dog to your household, here are two youngsters that might fit the bill. Five-month-old pups Arrow and Andy both arrived at the shelter in October and offer two quite different personality

Dogtown: Put Cass and Ivy on your short list of possible pals

Cass is a lovely, dog-friendly young fellow who would love a home with another dog to play with or people that have an active lifestyle. Cass is on his second pass through the shelter; he was adopted at four months old but when he was found running loose no one came to pick him up. Their loss, we say, as this is a great dog. He is very smart and loyal and will make a great pet.