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Dogtown: Have a blast with Rocket

Dogtown: Have a blast with Rocket

Whew, it’s been a busy week for Redwood Pals and the County Shelter! So many dogs!  We were able to lighten the load a little by transferring three cattle-type dogs to a Border Collie rescue and five Rottweillers (whose owner had died) to a Rottie rescue.  Redwood Pals pulled three of our rescue dogs out

Dogtown: Take a fuzzy friend home for the holidays

The frosty mornings and early sunsets are a good reminder that we really are heading for winter, despite the lovely sunny afternoons. Preparations  for winter at the shelter include a nice new load of pine chips in our play yard (because it really will rain someday), gathering donations for the annual Holiday Open House, and

Dogtown: Let Gloria come a-walkin’ down your street

This has been a big week for the shelter’s longest canine resident, Gloria. Gloria has been at the shelter since Dec. 23. That’s a long time to be in a kennel, even with warm floors, regular meals and a daily walk. Gloria is easy to overlook. She is in an end kennel, another mostly black