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Back in the black: Arcata out of debt from ‘clawback’ era

Back in the black: Arcata out of debt from ‘clawback’ era

Patrick Evans Mad River Union ARCATA – The City of Arcata’s financial forecast is looking as good as the sunny coastal weather, minus the occasional smoky days. The city passed a balanced budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year in July, reversing last years’ structural deficit, and last week paid off more than $2 million in

Kash’s Curious Council Clam-Up

Mad River Union Staff Report CITY HALL – When citizen Kash Boodjeh addressed the City Council/Successor Agency to the Arcata Community Development Agency on Thursday morning, Oct. 24, he stated his name and proceeded to gaze at the council for the three-minute allotted public comment period. Then he left. Boodjeh didn’t return e-mail or voicemail

Kash Boodjeh: Oversight Board 'Creating Alternate Realities' – December 20, 2012

Listening to the continuous expressions of the confused nature of the intent of the law, it was hard to avoid the conclusion that this interpretation stated by the majority of our city staff in the various agencies, and the counsel, mainly had to do with their lack of clarity on how to manipulate the information and prevent what was constantly being referred to as “a take” by the state, the best way they could.