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Margaret Gainer: You and I can fix recycling contamination

Margaret Gainer: You and I can fix recycling contamination

Be sure to keep food waste out of your recycling container. Lastly, we are back at the first point. We must all calibrate our thinking and our habits to the priority order of Reduce first, Reuse second, and Recycle/Compost last. 

Margaret Gainer: Conditions leading to recycling contamination

To improve efficiency of collecting more recyclables at the curb, in the early 2000s, many communities changed from source separation of all the materials before set-out on the street, to dual stream.  With dual stream collection, paper and cardboard are sorted from the plastic, metal and glass beverage containers – with further separation after collection

Zero Waste Conference Coming to Humboldt State

Humboldt State University HSU –  Humboldt State’s 2018 Zero Waste Conference will feature a week of food, workshops, speakers, documentaries, panels and more, seeking to “Redefine Waste in an Age of Capitalism.” The conference, which runs Monday, Nov. 5 through Friday, Nov. 9, will open with a banquet and keynote address from keynote speaker Tedd

City to ponder waste processing options

Kevin H. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The Arcata City Council last week responded positively to a plea from Eel River Resource Recovery (ERRR) to reapproach a contract to process the city’s recyclables. Rick Powell of ERRR said the company’s Samoa Processing Facility has been transformed into a single-stream,  medium-volume processing facility ready to

Arcata’s ARRC recycling center closing

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The city for whom waste diversion is almost a spiritual journey will soon be without its own recycling center. Rick Powell, general manager of Eel River Resource Recovery (ERRR) told the Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) that it is closing its Arcata collection center, the Arcata Resource recovery

Arcata City Council ponders GMOs, waste

Benjamin Fordham Mad River Union ARCATA – The Arcata City Council tackled a bevy of topics during its Sept. 17 meeting, including solid waste collection services and the first in a series of presentations on Measure P, the ballot measure that would ban GMO crops in Humboldt County. GMO debate The council hosted two speakers

Rad Grads Fling Caps, Dump Cats, Mattresses

Union Staff Report/HSU Press Release ARCATA – Humboldt State University will unleash some 2,200 students into the job market at this Saturday’s Commencement ceremonies Saturday, May 17 at the Redwood Bowl. And unless history has taken a sudden turn, those students will, like those who preceded them, launch into the world charged up with knowledge