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Letters to the Editor, January 3, 2018

In defense of McKinley The anti-William McKinley crowd should have done better research before branding him a racist and imperialist. Yes, he was a Republican, but a Lincoln Republican. McKinley was the last American president to have fought in the Civil War. He worked his way from the bottom ranks to become a major in

Paul Mann: Running the hazards of presidential character

History wisely taught reveals the qualities best suited to leadership.      Paramount is strength of character. Washington overcame his short fuse and towering anger. Lincoln vanquished his bottomless melancholy.  Both men had gravitas, that balance of depth, seriousness and dignity cherished by Roman statesmen.     Leaders of distinction commonly possess sound judgment (rare),

Americorps braces for Trump cuts

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDt – Last week was National Americorps Week, a time for the nation to celebrate a program that emphasizes community service – and one that will lose its funding if an anticipated federal budget proposal is approved. U.S. President Donald Trump is reportedly cutting domestic programs in an effort to

Arcata ponders ‘sanctuary city’ status

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – In measured steps, municipal leaders will consider naming Arcata a sanctuary city in defiance of President Donald Trump’s federal “defunding” threat. Mayor Susan Ornelas says the president’s warning may not be enforceable. So does Vice-Mayor Sofia Pereira. In any event, the mayor declares, standing policy will not change

Mad hatters reclaim ‘pussy’ power

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union ARCATA – A local woman has been making crocheted cat hats for years. With the current movement for wearing pink pussy hats as a political statement, her production has catapulted into overtime. Lauraine Leblanc’s crocheted hats are now purring all over the country. Her hat-making frenzy was spurred by the Pussy