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Arcata Police Log: How much longer must I gaze at this godawful hunk of crap?

• Sunday, October 1 6:02 p.m. Santa’s helpers – this one all yuletidey in green baseball hat and red backpack – may have fallen on hard times, if the Valley West dumpster spelunker is any indication. After mining a supermarket’s trash bins, the hardscrabble elf set a course for a nearby nail salon. 6:52 p.m.

Arcata Police Log: Roaming vocabulary tutors blurt and bash

• Thursday, June 29 8:49 a.m. It wasn’t clear whether the vehicle parked on Valley East Boulevard had been locked or not, and it probably didn’t matter, given the trove of delectable, valuable and highly fungible property left vulnerable inside. Disappeared items included a box of electronic devices, a drone, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, tomahawk,

The Legend of ‘Lady Loo’

Pixton DuQuesne Jr. Mad River Union ARCATALANDIA, APRIL 1 – Comedienne and radio personality Sherae O’Shaughnessy has a new passion, and Arcata is reaping the relief. The Humboldt-famous star of stage and radio has also become a celebrity in the blue-tinged shadows of Eighth and F streets, where Arcata’s new Portland Loo casts its comforting