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Sheriff’s Log: Gladiator wields sword in dispute

Sheriff’s Log: Gladiator wields sword in dispute

• Monday, December 15, 1:24 a.m. Russell Albers was enjoying himself at a Trinidad casino when he noticed that another man appeared to be talking to his girlfriend. This was unacceptable, so Albers confronted the man and got into a physical altercation. Casino security asked both men to leave the premises, so they did. However,

Arcata Police Log: They Say This Town Is Full Of, Like, Cozenage Or Whatever

11:40 a.m. The problem wasn’t with the yaks, but with their grouchy tenders, who form a kind of yak-centered mobile argument service. Cordial greetings and friendly remarks about their exotic animals are met with blistering ripostes, and heaven help anyone who asks anything of the two irascible yaksmen, like to move out of the roadway at 14th and M streets. An officer attempted to detain the two for investigation, which triggered the usual verbal abuse and even brief physical resistance by one. They were made to sit on the ground while the officer determined the situation. They denied any altercation, and were released with a warning.