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Arcata restaurants adapting to pandemic

Arcata restaurants adapting to pandemic

Mad River Union ARCATA – Arcata restaurants are coping with COVID-19 as best they can, adopting streetside dining and new takeout options. Some, learning of infections among their staff, have closed to take corrective measures.  Northtown’s popular hamburger restaurant Stars Arcata sent out this notice on Saturday:  “Dear Humboldt, we have just learned that a

FlyBall 2018 winners selected!

FLYBALL WINNERS Stephanie Pfeiffer of Arcata Tuxedo draws winning entries from all those who entered the Union’s annual Can You Catch the FlyBall contest. Readers had to find the zany character, who hid in various ads in the Union during Humboldt Crabs baseball. First prize went to Bayside resident Amber (no last name provided), who