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Salzman Challenging Arcata's Panhandling Law – February 24, 2011

City Attorney Nancy Diamond said the ordinance is modeled after what’s been done in elsewhere in the state and country, and what’s been tested in court. “We are not the first community to look at panhandling ordinances,” she said. “This is very widespread and there is a fair amount of judicial law we were able to look at… we weren’t acting in a vacuum.”

Panhandling Regs Passed Amid Promises Of Litigation – March 24, 2010

The council passed an ordinance by a 3-2 vote which takes effect April 16, 30 days after Wednesday’s meeting. The ordinance bans aggressive panhandling citywide and defines areas where all solicitation would be prohibited. Those areas are within 20 feet of an entrance to businesses, ATMs, street intersections and bus stops. Other areas where solicitation will be prohibited include pedestrian overpasses, like the one connecting Northtown to Humboldt State.

Panhandling Ordinance OK’d for Introduction – March 10, 2010 (Updated, with corrections)

Attorney Nancy Diamond said that the ordinance’s language had withstood legal challenges. She noted that during the City’s consideration of cannabis laws, threats of litigation had also been made, but never materialized. Similar suggestions of impending have been made during consideration of water fluoridation, homelessness, various housing projects and innumerable other matters.