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Study would help leaders make informed choices

Study would help leaders make informed choices

The land around Humboldt Bay is slowly subsiding, while sea levels are rising, creating a double whammy that will eventually threaten properties, infrastructure, industry, housing and natural environs. In preparing for the inevitable trouble that lies ahead, planners are looking at how to brace dikes and levees and how to manage wetlands and tidelands to

Money And Machinations Bode Ill For The Supervisorial Races

Elizabeth Alves My Side of the  Street When Virginia Bass appointed Kevin McKenny Humboldt County Planning Commission, she inadvertently gave considerable leverage to the unhappy neighbors of his property across Eighth Street from the Eureka Inn. They were outraged that the supervisor for the Fourth District appointed a man to the commission who has been

MY SIDE OF THE STREET: They’re not just bad drivers, they’re unlicensed, too

It’s no secret that Eureka has a lot of problems with traffic, including a very high rate of collisions and more pedestrian fatalities than other cities its size. A report in last Friday’s Times-Standard revealed another, and possibly related situation. Most police agencies in Humboldt County are citing drivers without valid licenses on a daily

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers are now going to fund development costs

Editor: I guess you get what you pay for. With a 4-1 vote (Supervisor Mark Lovelace dissenting) the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors recently voted to reduce developers’ costs and eliminate others. By eliminating the fair share cost policy in the General Plan Update, developers are now not responsible for the costs of infrastructure improvements