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NHUHSD: Samoa Beach Academy plan is ‘unsound’ and ‘unlikely to succeed’

NHUHSD: Samoa Beach Academy plan is ‘unsound’ and ‘unlikely to succeed’

The school, which is being proposed by a group of educators and community members, would focus on training high school students in building trades, medical jobs and business management. It would be located in a new building that would be constructed in the town of Samoa and have an enrollment of no more than 300 students, according to proponents, who want the school up and running by fall of 2023.

High school in-person learning going smoothly

“Overwhelmingly students who have returned said that they benefited from working in a physical space, and while some felt it was a bit more hectic than usual, and others were worried about some students lying on their health check, students who returned generally said they felt safe and that, at least on campus, precautions were being made,” Arbaugh wrote.

High schools may soon reopen under ‘hybrid’ plan

Jack Durham Mad River Union ARCATA/McKINLEYVILLE – Students in the Northern Humboldt Union High School District may have the option of returning to their campuses for face-to-face instruction on Monday, April 5, following spring break. Under the hybrid plan, students would alternate between distance learning and face-to-face instruction, working one week from their homes, and

COVID variants complicate planning

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – ​COVID-19 cases are down statewide and Humboldt County is expected to follow that trend but its public health officer advises to be on guard for the pandemic’s next phase – another big surge. ​The county’s COVID-19 situation was updated at the February 9 Board of Supervisors meeting, where

School board candidate has been operating unlicensed fitness business with no COVID reopening plan

A candidate who is running for a seat on the Northern Humboldt Union School District Board of Trustees has been operating a fitness gym without a business license or a county certified COVID-19 reopening plan.

‘Faces You Can Trust’ candidates respond to criticism

We three candidates are familiar in the community and are trusted by many to represent the interests of the children. It is unfortunate that it has become easier to have the courage to make such assumptions about people’s character and intent virtually rather than call them and have a conversation. 

Vets Hall student feeding initiative opens hunger conversation

“The vets have stepped up with perfect timing to support hungry students,” Carr said. “The vets’ program will benefit the students in Arcata. That leaves two high schools in McKinleyville. McKinleyville High is in the process of developing a food pantry which I’ll support as best I can. Clearly, the current school district food program is not meeting the needs of the hungry students. It’s time the district steps up and makes changes. Changing the current breakfast from 10:10 to before school is a step in the right direction. Hopefully this can happen sooner rather than later. There are hungry kids now!”

A statement from NHUHSD Superintendent Roger Macdonald re: the now-infamous M&M shirts

Good Afternoon Northern Humboldt Union High School District Community, At the October 9, 2019 Board meeting, a strong, courageous student addressed the Board on a subject of importance to her. I know what bravery it takes for a youth to go to that podium, look at all the adults on the dias, gather herself, and