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Money And Machinations Bode Ill For The Supervisorial Races

Money And Machinations Bode Ill For The Supervisorial Races

Elizabeth Alves My Side of the  Street When Virginia Bass appointed Kevin McKenny Humboldt County Planning Commission, she inadvertently gave considerable leverage to the unhappy neighbors of his property across Eighth Street from the Eureka Inn. They were outraged that the supervisor for the Fourth District appointed a man to the commission who has been

MY SIDE OF THE STREET: Consider all your options before selecting a reverse mortgage

McKinleyville’s housing stock ranges from settlement era farmhouses to new construction and all the stages in between. For most families, the home is the largest financial asset. A majority of older Americans say they want to continue to live in their homes as long a possible, hopefully until death. Those facts combine to create an


The local weather has been especially unpredictable this spring, and that has lots of consequences. The annual plague of ants seemed to start earlier and is lasting longer. They don’t seem as organized or as attracted to sweet substances as usual, but any little bread crumb draws a bunch of hyperactive little crawlers. Every time

MY SIDE OF THE STREET: They’re not just bad drivers, they’re unlicensed, too

It’s no secret that Eureka has a lot of problems with traffic, including a very high rate of collisions and more pedestrian fatalities than other cities its size. A report in last Friday’s Times-Standard revealed another, and possibly related situation. Most police agencies in Humboldt County are citing drivers without valid licenses on a daily