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Moulton Wins Season Opening Thriller At The Acres

Moulton Wins Season Opening Thriller At The Acres

  Matthew Sullivan Redwood Acres EUREKA – Mother Nature decided to be more cooperative this past Saturday night as Redwood Acres Raceway held the first race of the 2018 season. The year was set to begin the previous week on April 28 but rain prevented that from happening. All six divisions were in action on opening

Fast times in Ferndale and a first for the fairgrounds

Jack Durham Mad River Union HUMBOLDT COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS – The roar and crackle of dirt bike engines echoed through the grandstands as the crowd cheered and racers rocketed around the dirt horse track Saturday, Aug 5 for the Inaugural Humboldt Half Mile Motorcycle Flat Track Race. It was a loud and exciting action-packed evening, and

Flat track motorcycle racing Saturday at Humboldt County Fairgrounds

California Flat Track Association On Saturday, Aug. 5 California Flat Track Association delivers the first-ever Motorcycle Flat Track Race at the historic Humboldt County Fairgrounds. This event will be Round #6 of CFTA’s Western Flat Track series. Never before has Humboldt County witnessed a half mile motorcycle flat track race. Some of the fastest professional racers in

Racing returns to Redwood Acres

The sheltered grandstands at Redwood Acres Raceway were the place to be on Saturday, April 20 as the wind was blowing and it was cold in the pits. MotorBrandon Barnwell was helping to put a racer tape number 1 on a Thunder Roadster but said he is not the driver. Brandon’s daughter, Allison, who is