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The local shopping odyssey of Alicia the Recumbent

The local shopping odyssey of Alicia the Recumbent

I needed a bike and all the gear to participate in a non-profit ride. Where to start? With Justin and Andrew at Revolution Bicycles, of course. I’m unable to ride a two-wheeler because of my disability but that was no problem for them. Well, except to find a recumbent bicycle that could be adjusted to

Mill Yard Breaks Ground For New Store In Aldergrove – May 19, 2010

So why the move? “There’s no more playing chicken on the freeway,” Mark said. The building material wholesaler has been having clients and delivery trucks make an abrupt slowdown to in order to hit the mid-city turnoff on U.S. Highway 101. It’s dangerous. The comparatively easy State Route 299 location beckoned with street speeds at a mellow 25 miles per hour. Additionally, the Mill Yard collaborates on contractor needs with the nearby Almquist Lumber and Humboldt Fasteners. Giving builders a neighborhood cluster is advantageous for the industry.