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Michael Fields is moving on and making change with ‘Madsummer’

Michael Fields is moving on and making change with ‘Madsummer’

I write this to say “THANK YOU” to Dell’Arte, the North Coast, and the many people, artists, and community members it has been my privilege to work and collaborate with for these past four decades. And hopefully that will continue.  As of June 30, 2021, I will be leaving all management at Dell’Arte. This has been

Dell’Arte online workshops offer modern twist on historic theatre forms

Dell’Arte International  BLUE LAKE – Dell’Arte International is offering a series of theatre workshops designed for actors to investigate bold forms of expression while exploring long-standing comedic and dramatic forms that continue to entertain and touch audiences.   “Creation is possible, is being done, and is undergoing adaptation and innovation right now as we move through

It Would Be A Mistake To Miss Dell'Arte's Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors proves to be an ideal vehicle for Dell’Arte’s company of actors to play to their strengths. The broad clowning and slapstick physical comedy is ably pulled off by the entirety of the ensemble, with notable performances by Andrew Eldredge and Jerome Yorke pantomiming each other as the twin Dromios.