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Humboldt to get new radio station

Humboldt to get new radio station

Access Humboldt EUREKA – With support from Common Frequency, based in Davis, Access Humboldt won a construction permit from the Federal Communications Commission to build a new low power non-commercial FM radio station serving Eureka/Arcata and surrounding areas – the call sign was approved this week. KZZH 96.7FM will be a non-commercial, community based station

Lost Coast Outpost Buys T-S, Will Be Renamed Post-Standards

April 1, 2044 FERNADLETUNA – Humboldt’s preeminent media outlet – the mighty Lost Coast Outpost – has made the jump to print media and acquired the remaining assets of the languishing, weary, sad-eyed gray lady of the lowlands, the Times-Standard. The acquisition is just the latest in the ongoing expansion of the LoCo media empire,

Forum Probes ‘Future State of Local News’

Local news gatherers joined media specialists in a televised forum last week and discussed the mechanics and challenges of information sharing. Part of Access Humboldt’s Sunshine Week programming, the March 13 Future State of Local News forum focused on issues related to freedom of information. Allie Hostler, the editor of the Two Rivers Tribune, had