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Tax perks incentivize proper pot farm practices

Tax perks incentivize proper pot farm practices

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union ​HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s management of cannabis farming will soon include a reward-oriented approach to encourage solar energy use, road upgrades and smaller-scale cultivation. ​Giving excise tax reductions to improve environmental protection was outlined at the November 19 Board of Supervisors meeting. Although the incentives, if widely pursued, could reduce

McKinleyville seeks improved entrances, town trails

Jack Durham Mad River Union MCKINLEYVILLE – Some McKinleyville residents want to spruce up the town’s main entrances, landscape them, make them safer and create more trail connections.  These and other transportation issues were discussed at the Jan. 30 meeting of the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) and will most assuredly be discussed further by

‘There’s a new sheriff in town’

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County will gain $2.2 million of Measure S marijuana excise tax revenue in the coming fiscal year, including funding for new deputies to shut down illicit marijuana grows. The use of Measure S revenue was one of the main items discussed when supervisors fielded public comment on

Suspicion surrounds cannabis-related banking

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – As banking issues continue to affect the state’s legal marijuana industry, Humboldt County’s treasurer-tax collector has told the Board of Supervisors that the banking of marijuana tax revenue won’t trigger money-laundering oversight. The prominent issue of banking marijuana-related income was discussed at the Feb. 14 supervisors meeting. Supervisor