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Sean Campbell: Rotational vs. permanent fire station closures

Sean Campbell: Rotational vs. permanent fire station closures

Without an increase in revenue through a funding measure being approved by the taxpayers, you will receive a lower level of service. We want to serve you in a professional manner, using highly trained firefighters, and in the most economical manner. 

Sean Campbell: Why is my fire station closed? It’s complicated, and yet simple

If you have not noticed the rotational fire station closures occurring at the Arcata, Mad River, and McKinleyville Fire Stations, you are likely taking the shelter-in-place order to an extreme level.  Most community members have probably noticed a sign in the window of their closest fire station indicating the station is closed due to budget

Did Arcata Fire’s name doom Measure R?

The district wanted the property tax measure to plug a budget deficit and to keep enough staffing to  keep all three of its stations open. With the measure’s failure, the district has downsized, left positions unfilled and is now closing one of its three stations on rotation.

Arcata Fire saves $3 million building from burning vehicle

The cause of the fire is under investigation by Arcata Police and Arcata Fire District. The fire is human caused and suspicious in nature. There were no injuries reported. There were a total of five firefighters on scene and two Chief Officers. The Arcata Fire District thanks Blue Lake Fire, Humboldt Bay Fire, and Samoa Fire for covering stations during the incident. 

Letters to the Editor, May 20, 2020

Why did the request for funding of the Arcata Fire District fail? I’m sure there are various reasons the March 3 Measure R did not pass. It was not that a majority of the residence didn’t support the measure. Actually 63.7 percent of the residence voted for the measure. The requirement is two thirds or 66 percent. This worked out to be just 427 votes short or 3 percent.