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Kevin Hoover: Why the big fuss about GMOs but not mutation-bred food?

Kevin Hoover: Why the big fuss about GMOs but not mutation-bred food?

Science has scored some huge advances in recent months, in the sky and in the news media, if not with politicians. We found organic life-precursor molecules on Comet 67P, via Rosetta and Philae. Kepler found among the thousand-plus potentially habitable planets one that could be Earth’s larger twin. The New Horizons probe revealed Pluto, the

Council spanks mayor, tasks staff, pats self on back

By Maynard-Tiffany Wilberforce K.B. “Theobald” Rhiannon-Sanchez Twimbleton Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – In an official proclamation endorsed at its April 1 meeting, the Arcata City Council has formally commanded Mayor Michael Winkler to curtail the over-the-top, flamboyant displays of wasteful excess, rhetorical and automotive, which have become his signature in office. The gangly councilmember

Measure P & Z pass; Pereira, Wheetley and Pitino win Arcata Council

Union Staff Report HUMBOLDT – A measure that bans the growing of genetically modified organisms in Humboldt County was overwhelmingly approved Tuesday. Measure P passed by a landslide, with preliminary election totals of 17,029 yes votes, or 59.43 percent, compared to 11,624 no votes, or 40.57 percent. Measure Z, the county-wide half cent sales tax

Preliminary Election Results 11.4.14

First report from the Humboldt County Election’s Office is in and contains just the results from absentee and mailed ballots. MEASURE P: (Would ban GMOs) YES: 7,677 votes, or 54.80% NO: 6,331 45.20% MEASURE Z (County-wide sales tax) YES:  7,758 5.08% NO:  6,326 4.92% ARCATA  CITY COUNCIL 2YEAR TERM, Vote For 1 PAUL PITINO  747    

Chad White: If wild anti-GMO claims were anything more than contrived hysteria, that would rock the world

“P” is for Pseudoscience, Poverty, Prejudice, and Prohibition Groups like March Against Monsanto continually share information that is not based on actual evidence, and it’s despicable how low they will stoop. Someone tested this idea, to find out just how low their low road goes. The results make Monsanto look like angels. Consider the ongoing

Chad White: Anti-GMO tribal conformity and mythology, part 2

While many anti-GMO folk support the scientific consensus on climate change, they belittle these same science institutions by denying the consensus on genetic engineering (GE). The oil companies have not been able to overturn the consensus on climate change, so how could Monsanto have more power than they do? I don’t want readers to “believe”

Measure P’s fear, prejudice and ideology, part 1

Corporations, including Monsanto, are in it for the money. If we dictate public policy based on Humboldt County’s’ economic advantages, how would we be different? Promoting sustainability and decreasing human suffering is a more worthy goal than locking in economic advantages. Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “If you are against corporate power, then focus on that.”

Recent Letters to the Editor regarding GMOs and Measure P

GMOs, nukes, fracking I have just finished reading the columns by Roland Richmond and Mark Wilson (Union, Sept. 10) supporting GMO production. I am struck by their statements that rejecting the entrance of GMO crops in Humboldt amounts to an anti-science tribal mentality. Really? Then it must be anti-science tribal mentality to reject the experimentation

HSU’s ‘Anti-GMO Speaker Series’ tells one side of the biotechnology controversy

Last week we learned that Humboldt State will fulfill its role of community leadership by presenting speakers with strong points of view on the issue of biotechnology, specifically, genetically engineered food, popularly known as GMOs. Here’s the announcement: HSU Press Release Humboldt State University and GMO Free Humboldt present the Genetically Modified Organism Fall Speaker