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Understanding McK Town Center’s wetland assets

Understanding McK Town Center’s wetland assets

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) will take a deep dive into the topic of wetlands at its meeting Wednesday, Nov. 18 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting will be held on Zoom. The meeting ID is 976 6824 1826. The password

McKinleyville Town Center details firming

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – Planning for the McKinleyville Town Center is underway, but it’s mostly taking place behind the scenes with the mapping of wetlands and preparation of drawings showing alternative designs. This information should come before the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) sometime this fall. The county advisory committee received an

McKinleyville gets almost $200K for bike/ped plan

Jack Durham Mad River Union MCKINLEYVILLE – Humboldt County Public Works has received nearly $200,000 in grant funds to plan for bicycle and pedestrian improvements in the unincorporated community of McKinleyville. The effort to obtain the $196,700 Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant was led by the Redwood Community Action Agency on behalf of the county.

McK Town Center rezoning will provide maximum flex, options and no big box stores

The committee ultimately voted unanimously that the Town Center should include wetlands, stormwater detention basins, parks, public gathering areas, trails, sidewalks and  roads integrated into a plan for land use and active transportation that is cohesive and reflects the culture and values of McKinleyville. 

Kelley Garrett: McKinleyville Town Center planning being steamrolled by the county

With regard to the McKinleyville Town Center, I found last week’s headline “Town Center Limits Loosened” to be a bit misleading. As the subsequent tagline states — wetland regulations were altered, not the Town Center planning limits. I bring this up because while the county is readily willing to undertake the process of amending the

Boutique hotel, condos and new town name aired for Mack Town

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – Residents are refining their vision for downtown McKinleyville as they develop a master plan for what they hope will be a pedestrian friendly village with affordable housing, places to gather, enjoyable outdoor areas and plenty of small shops. The ideas for the McKinleyville Town Center were discussed during