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McKinleyville Senior Center: COVID-19 – too close for comfort

McKinleyville Senior Center: COVID-19 – too close for comfort

Two weeks ago, Jack Durham and I gave a talk, “Writing Your Obituary” for OLLI via Zoom. Two weeks later I was exposed to the coronavirus from someone offering help in my yard.   The irony jumped up and slapped me in the face today. Exposure was an accident caused by my carelessly not wearing

McKinleyville Senior Center: McK seniors dance in the digital arena

Last week, McKineyville Senior Center received a generous award from the McKineyville Area Fund. On behalf of the center and the seniors connecting through technology, we thank you!  You’ve started the digital ball rolling for us and we’re learning to play the game, discovering the rewards of learning to function in an unfamiliar arena. Your

McKinleyville Senior Center staying open

McKinleyville Senior Center (Editor’s note: This week’s McKinleyville Senior Center column features a letter from Rene Quintana, the center’s executive director, regarding COVID-19.)   The McKinleyville Senior Center remains open to all seniors despite the outbreak of the corona virus.   We take the necessary steps daily to prevent the spread of this infection and

McKinleyville Senior Center: There will be coffee and snacks

Beginning in March, something new is happening. We will be offering monthly Brown Bag Lunches from the OLLI Program (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) in McKinleyville for the first time! These free talks are from noon to 1:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of March, April and May. There will be coffee and snacks or bring your lunch and enjoy the varied spring offerings closer to home.

McKinleyville Senior Center: Students help seniors celebrate the holidays

Holidays are here at the McKinleyville Senior Center. Last Monday we had our annual Christmas Party. Smaller this year, but great fun and well attended.  Thanks to the band and singers from Pacific Union School. They were wonderful and attracted quite an audience. The brass section was terrific and caused more than one hearing aid