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Maggie Gainer: How we got here – the early development of recycling

Maggie Gainer: How we got here – the early development of recycling

Zero Waste Humboldt emphasizes waste prevention strategies at the point of purchase and materials reuse. However, we regularly receive inquiries about recycling collection, which materials are recyclable, and how to avoid contaminating the recycling cart at the curb.  An average of 25 percent of recyclables collected at the curb in Humboldt County are contaminated and

Bayside Corners: Bayside, ground zero for Zero Waste

It may surprise you to hear that Bayside has been really important for the local Zero Waste movement. Why? Meet Maggie Gainer! Maggie moved in to her Bayside home on Christmas of 1978. She founded a community development and waste reduction consulting firm in 1985 and served as Director of HSU’s Office for Economic and

Maggie Gainer: How to talk to your store manager about an uncomfortable subject

With increasing frequency, concerned Humboldt shoppers notify Zero Waste Humboldt about unnecessary plastic packaging and wasteful practices at their grocery stores.  ZWH always asks them what the store manager said when they brought it up. Almost none communicate with their store manager. My guess is that they are always in a rush or not ready

Zero Waste Day – an opportunity to ponder resource realities

November 15, Zero Waste Day, falls on Sunday this year. Let’s make this a day of reflection and recommitment to conserve natural resources and reduce waste in our daily actions. In the months immediately following Earth Day 1970, community recycling centers were organized in college towns like Arcata all over the U.S. For historical context,