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Tribute: Remembering Luke Patterson

Tribute: Remembering Luke Patterson

  Jada Brotman Mad River Union ARCATA – No one likes writing their friend’s memorial. This is by no means comprehensive, and of course, I only knew Luke during the decade we both lived here in Arcata. But Luke was such a special person I’d like to write at least a few words.  Six months

Arcata’s Thanksgiving Meal Moves To Community Center

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – As they have done for so many years, hungry diners will head to the Arcata Veterans Memorial Building next Thursday for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner. But all they’ll find there are signs directing them to the Community Center. That’s because Arcata’s traditional free Thanksgiving meal has moved.

Luke, AMS, Attorney, City, Businesses Mix It Up Over OysterFence

Patterson said he had changed his mind on two counts: he plans to keep Luke’s Joint open during the event “as a case study, to mine data. He had previously stated that it would be closed. Also, he said, he would not pursue the TRO on the condition that AMS work out some means by which his patrons could access his restaurant during the OysterFest, such as a free “validation” system.