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Letters to the Editor, March 25–April 1

Thank you to our grocery clerks, and everyone else behind the scenes that keep our food supply stable. Daily, you are witnessing the best and the worst of human behavior, as well as having to leave your families at home while you come to work to make sure we all have food and supplies. Thank you! 

Letters to the Editor about Measure R, February 19, 2020

If Measure R does not pass, the district will also be forced to terminate the positions of six firefighters. The national standard for the number of firefighters on an engine is four, the California state standard is three per engine. Due to current funding your district can only staff two firefighters per engine. The termination of six firefighters would decrease its ability to effectively manage your emergencies. 

Letters to the Editor, January 8, 2020

It is apparent to anyone in this nation that Donald Trump is a puppet of the last remaining vestiges of the USSR and the old Kremlin, Vladimir Putin and his Oligarchs. Haven’t you noticed that whenever Trump is in real danger of being removed from office, he makes a call and his friend Vlad comes up with a solution. We know he calls Vlad because all his phone calls are monitored and someone always leaks.