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Letters to the Editor Sept. 27, 2016

Adapting to Humboldt The article titled “College students describe their struggles” (Union, Sept. 21) requires a response, in part to correct several disingenuous statements, and in part to help the students, staff and faculty from HSU think more clearly about how to effectively engage the public and contribute to improving our community. At a meeting

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14, 2016

Feed kids fresh, organic foods I am happy that President Obama’s Healthier Hunger-free Kids Act is requiring larger portions of fruit and vegetables on school lunch trays and I am happy most of the local schools are starting to garden, some even composting. However, I am not sure everyone is reading the same menus at

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 7, 2016

Beautify, yes; vistas, my ass! I take some exception with your article about beautifying Arcata by “transforming an ugly wall.” OK? And Kevin, you are a favorite wordsmith of mine, but: You call Arcata Bay Crossing (ABC) a “supportive living complex.” I know what you mean, but hell if’n I get any support. I’m a

Letters to the Editor 8-31-16

‘A swath of death’ Saturday brought us a morning with lifting late summer fog. Shorebirds, people, dogs and our horses enjoying the splendor of the day. Starting from Ma-le’l in Manila, we rode north to the Lanphere Dunes. There we encountered a swath of death from herbicide spraying that Eric Nelson from the Fish and

This week’s letters to the editor

Troubling library cuts I am writing because I am VERY concerned about the budget problems of our public library. I understand there is a proposed budget that saves money in part by cutting staff in the library’s Public Services department that will severely affect the ability of our library system to provide the important public

Letters to the Editor through April 13, 2016

City Council: get the best recycling deal for Arcata Dear Councilmembers, I am writing in regard to your stated intention to reconsider Eel River Resource Recovery’s (ERRR) contract proposal to process Arcata curbside recycling at your Feb. 17, 2016 meeting. They are offering a better price than your current processor’s, materials will be processed locally

Letters to the Editor through Feb. 10, 2016

• Jan. 20 Follow the TPZ money Residents of the county owe a debt of thanks to County Planner Steve Lazar and the planning staff for recommending against cannabis grows on TPZ land and for the staff’s other efforts to scale down allowable cannabis grow sizes in recommendations to the supervisors relating to the Medical

Letters to the Editor, November 2015

Arcatans don’t waste water As an Arcata resident, a Bernie Sanders supporter and an opponent of GMO agriculture, I have to take offense to the Union’s political cartoon this week. The gist seems to be that all of us “so-called progressives” are really just spoiled consumers of resources. This is based on the fact that