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Letter of the Week, July 29, 2020: Everyday coronavirus realities

Letter of the Week, July 29, 2020: Everyday coronavirus realities

Coronavirus dangers have put us in a position that restricts our freedoms that we’re accustomed to. The abrupt separation from other people, places, jobs and activities is not fair.  It’s even more unfair for those who get sick and sometimes die. It’s also unfair to thousands of those who lose loved ones, but cannot have

Letters to the Editor, July 1, 2020

We must completely transition to a clean energy economy over the next few decades. If done right, this transition can make our community safer, more prosperous, and more equitable. Achieving these goals will require coordination between all levels of government. We need a green stimulus at the federal level. 

Letters to the Editor, June 10, 2020

Learning about Latinx Thank you for publishing in the May 20 edition the letter signed by members of equity arcata. This thoughtful and well-written letter offers some useful suggestions and opportunities for the dominant culture to learn more about white privilege and racial equity. My letter is to offer clarification regarding the action of Centro

Letters to the Editor, June 3, 2020

Mobilize for change Derek Chauvin, a white policeman, celebrated 400 years of slavery in America by calmly, methodically suffocating George Floyd, an unarmed, handcuffed black man. Three of Chauvin’s cohorts stood guard to make sure no one would interfere. The protests across the country sparked by George Floyd’s murder are a fitting and necessary expression