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Letters to the Editor, December 4, 2019: Hurry now while supplies last – of life as we know it

Letters to the Editor, December 4, 2019: Hurry now while supplies last – of life as we know it

As long as Humboldt’s affordable housing crisis exists, short-term solutions need to be implemented. Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives (AHHA) and other local advocates recommend safe parking programs, sanctioned camping areas, and tiny home villages.

Letters to the Editor, November 20, 2019

A heartfelt blurt In a recent meeting of the Arcata Planning Commission (Sept. 10, 2019) the plight of mobilehome dwellers was being discussed. One City official remarked that if residents of a mobilehome park were displaced by a projected park closure, such people could find another place to live.  A woman in the audience blurted

Letters to the Editor, November 13, 2019

Plight of the Arcata mobilehome owners We read with interest the petition (Derksen, et. al.) calling for the restoration of the three key relocation benefits published in the Nov. 6, 2019 edition of your paper. The petition understates the plight of the homeowners. The situation is worse than reported. We have been residents in the

Letters to the Editor, November 6, 2019

McK’s Town Center an opportunity to redefine Right now McKinleyville is at the cusp of some profound changes and opportunities. Seventeen years ago when the McKinleyville Community Plan was adopted it called for the creation of a Town Center Ordinance to help clarify the goals for establishing a Town Center in the area surrounding Safeway.

Letters to the Editor October 16, 2019

Renewable solution The power blackout of October 9 was a wake up call for Humboldt County.  People scrambling to get basic supplies, waiting in gas lines for hours and those with medical conditions requiring power to run their oxygen machines or refrigeration to keep their medicines cold, panicking.  And we got off easy. Early predictions

Letters to the Editor, October 2, 2019

Drainage painage Can you explain how the drainage works as water flows down Mary to Steenblock Avenue in McKinleyville?  County Public Worls says it’s supposed to drain into the U.S. Highway 101 ditch. Steenblock is a dead end st with a small green belt. You can see in the picture there is no way to