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DA: Lawson investigation needs more time

DA: Lawson investigation needs more time

Jack Durham Mad River Union ARCATA – The mother of David Josiah Lawson, who was stabbed to death at an Arcata house party 21 months ago, says that a knife retrieved by investigators has tested positive for both the blood of her son and the alleged killer. “The Department of Justice {has} identified my son’s

Additional resources for Lawson case

Mad River Union ARCATA – Detectives are re-investigating every lead previously brought forth in the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson on April 15, 2017, and they’re pursing new leads as well. Arcata City Manager Karen Diemer outlined the Arcata Police Department’s ongoing efforts to solve the homicide case in a memorandum recently provided to

Another meeting melts down over Lawson case

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – A wall was lined with butcher paper filled with previously brainstormed student safety and social justice initiatives, and several tables were stocked with blank sheets and marking pens to receive fresh suggestions. But all of that went unused as an Arcata City Council study session intended as

Zoellner files claim against Arcata officials

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Kyle Zoellner, initially charged as a suspect in the killing of David Josiah Lawson, has filed a claim against the City of Arcata. The charges against Zoellner, who attended the April 15 party at which Lawson was stabbed to death, were later dismissed. In a statement, the

No new suspects in Lawson case

  Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – The five-month-old investigation goes on, but there are no new suspects in the David Josiah Lawson killing probe, nor have any new leads turned up in the past 60 days. The latest information is four-pronged: • Arcata authorities are hoping a known but reluctant witness will come

Fatal stabbing a Rubik’s Cube of riddles

When people are fighting, who knows what happens? – APD Detective Sgt. Todd Dokweiler Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – The Easter weekend stabbing that transmuted a humble Arcata cul-de-sac into a bewildering and chaotic crime scene resulted in an abortive legal case, riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies. The reigning paradox of the stillborn charges against

What’s next for Lawson case

Paul Mann Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – The county’s district attorney expects additional information to be gathered in connection with the death April 15 of Humboldt State University student David Josiah Lawson, 19. The knife that police recovered at the scene will be examined further and blood samples found on various items of clothing will