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Kirsten’s Kitchen: Give pan-fried okra a chance

Kirsten’s Kitchen: Give pan-fried okra a chance

Okra is one of those vegetables that fascinates and puzzles people. Everyone seems to know that it can be slimy, but that’s what makes the batter stick! I first had okra in Atlanta, Georgia. Yup, in the heart of the South, alongside chicken fried steak. And it was delicious.  Once I left the South in

Kirsten’s Quarantine Cuisine: Mushroom & parsley pesto white pizza

For those of you running out of ideas of what to feed your family and your kids in particular, try the white pizza. It is a chance to try and sneak some vegetables into your meals (pesto made from spinach!) and if you have dough (admit, you have experimented with sourdough because what else have you got but time!) this comes together in a snap.