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Kirsten’s Kitchen: Mashed potatoes, Irish style

Kirsten’s Kitchen: Mashed potatoes, Irish style

Ahh, mashed potatoes, as American as apple pie, right? Perhaps, but what if it came from the land of potatoes? No, not Idaho – Ireland! If you have never had Colcannon (pronounced CULkennan with the emphasis on the first syllable) you are in for a treat!  It is peasant food at its best: saute onions

Kirsten’s Kitchen: Tasty game-day noshes, and the wing’s the thing

Super Bowl time has something for everyone – the game, the parties, the food! Thankfully I am most invested in the food portion, so disappointment never awaits  me. Buffalo-style hot wings are among my favorites, but if you are not into eating poultry check out these tofu wings.  Freezing and then defrosting the tofu gives