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Creamery District art installations Saturday

Creamery District art installations Saturday

Arcata Playhouse CREAMERY DISTRICT – As a partnership between artists and scientists, Playhouse Arts coordinated the collaboration of many minds to create art installations in the Creamery District that highlight the unique ecosystem of the Jolly Giant Creek.  Two new public art projects, a permanent sculpture installation and a mural project, will be installed in

AHS students are ‘Sinkin’ the Stormwater in Humboldt County’

  Ray Olson Mad River Union ARCATA – Arcata’s Jolly Giant Creek might be feeling a lot jollier this winter, thanks to more than a dozen environmentally-minded Arcata High School students who recently planted rain gardens on campus.  The newly vegetated areas capture and cleanse rainfall runoff from parking lots and other paved areas. The pooled

Arcata Vets start volunteer community cleanups

Mad River Union ARCATA – Further extending its community service and outreach, the Arcata’s Veterans Group is undertaking regular volunteer cleanup days. Sophia D. Bogner, president of the Legion Auxiliary and a Humboldt State Environmental Science major, must conduct community service via an internship as a graduation requirement. With the Vets Hall as her service

Arcata forest harvested, expanding as old dam gets tricky re-do

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST – Viewed from the town, Arcata’s woodlands appear stately and changeless. But they’re not – the Arcata Community Forest (ACF) is an ever-morphing entity, always changing it size, shape and content. Some particularly significant late-summer shapeshifting is now underway, with a forest harvest in progress, an

Plaza, Jolly Giant Creek get cleanse and detox treatments

CLEANUP CREWS Following a briefing by Michael McDowall of Environmental Services, above, volunteers with the Community PRIDE Project (CPP) fanned out downtown last Friday to pick up a reported 1,000 pounds of litter. The CPP has a number of meetings and activities planned (see story on page A3 of this week’s Union). And, following a briefing by

Vandals Systematically Sabotage Dam – November 28, 2012

Kevin L. Hoover Eye Editor ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST – Sometime during the first week of November, unknown suspects intentionally plugged the water inlet at the Jolly Giant Dam. Water has risen in the reservoir, though no danger to citizens or property is foreseen. The dam, built in the 1930s by the Union Water Company, once

Arcata's Jolly Giant Dam Sabotaged, Catastrophe Averted For Now – November 21, 2012

APD Press Release Sometime during the first week of November 2012, unknown suspect(s) caused significant damage to the Jolly Giant Dam located about one mile east of Humboldt State University in the Arcata Community Forest near trail #8. The suspect(s) cut the lock to a steel grate lid leading to the outlet control structure on the dam