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State responds to ‘horrific’ entanglements

State responds to ‘horrific’ entanglements

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – The state is launching an unprecedented effort to address whale entanglements with commercial fishing gear that were described as “horrific” during a legislative hearing. Chuck Bonham, the director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), announced the plan at a Nov. 28 statehouse hearing chaired by

Offshore drilling a ‘dangerous proposal’

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – An annual state legislative hearing on fisheries focused on fighting the re-emergence of what was described as a dangerous threat – new offshore oil drilling. Alarm over President Donald Trump’s five-year plan to open coastal areas – including California’s – to new offshore oil and gas drilling was

Mega fishing fee hikes ripped

Paul Mann Mad River Union NORTH COAST – With North Coast fishing gutted by a doomsday falloff of salmon and crab stocks, state legislators are savaging a Department of Fish and Wildlife proposal to lash fishermen with staggering landing fee hikes of 1,300-13,000 percent. At the “low” end, the 1,300 percent levy would apply to