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A student’s view about what Arcata does right, and not so much

Joellen Clark-Peterson Arcata Chamber – Special to the Union ARCATA – Isaiah Kalaukoa, from the island of Hawaii, is a fifth year super senior at HSU pursuing a degree in International Business Administration. His is the last class to graduate in this concentration at HSU. He is the president of the Entrepreneurs Club. How did you

Meet the nominees for the Arcata Chamber’s Small Business Award

Joellen Clark-Peterson Arcata Chamber of Commerce HUMBOLDT – This is the latest in a series on the three nominees in each of six categories of Arcata’s Annual Business Leadership Awards, featuring interviews with Small Business of the Year nominees Frankie’s NY Bagels, Tosha Yoga and WoodLab. Frankie’s NY Bagels is two years old, Tosha Yoga

Meet the Arcata Chamber’s Hospitality and Tourism nominees

Joellen Clark-Peterson Arcata Chamber of Commerce ARCATA – If you live in Humboldt County you likely pity those living in traffic, surrounded by concrete and crowded by people. You probably value open space, the color green and moderate temperatures. As much as we may want to keep it all for ourselves, sharing it with others

Arcata Chamber recognizes the best in the business community, beginning with these three beautifiers

Joellen Clark-Peterson Arcata Chamber of Commerce ARCATA – This is one part in a series of articles featuring the three nominees in the six categories of Arcata’s Annual Business Leadership Awards. In January, members of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, who made the nominations, will vote for the winners, and they will be announced at

Chamber Classics: HealthSPORT – its origins and challenges

Arcata Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joellen Clark-Peterson’s interview with Doug Hartley, site manager of the Arcata HealthSPORT How many years in your position? I’ve been here as operations director since we opened in 1992. I graduated from HSU with a Recreation Administration and Business degree. Susan Jansson was a fitness teacher at Valley West