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Bayside Corners: Big day for JCS Garden, Land Trust, Bayside Hall Saturday

Bayside Corners: Big day for JCS Garden, Land Trust, Bayside Hall Saturday

Commit to being an active participant in data-driven programs to guide conservation and restoration projects locally and globally. We’ll show you how on the June 26. 

Bayside Corners: Eat lasagna, support Arcata Noon Rotary

On Saturday, Dec. 12, Bayside Community Presbyterian Church, at 2023 Old Arcata Rd., will be the pickup site for a drive-by fundraiser dinner for Arcata Noon Rotary, whose current president, Daniel Link, is also the church’s pastor.  On the menu is homemade lasagna (meat or vegetarian), garlic bread and salad for $18. They are also

Bayside Corners: Tacos by the Creek coming Oct. 17

Well, election season is now fully and truly upon us, with yard signs popping up and local papers filled with letters about candidates, measures and propositions.  Along with that comes various reports about signs being stolen or defaced; in Bayside, I’ve gotten reports of election vandalism for both local measures and the presidential election, and

Jacoby Creek getting salmon-friendlier in the ‘Silicon Valley of watershed restoration’ – JCLT volunteer workday is Saturday

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union BAYSIDE – Coho salmon aren’t that different  from you or I in some respects, and it goes well beyond the scaly skin and wide-eyed stare. Like us, the wiggly salmonids don’t really want their children raised in the middle of a busy street, or in their case, a fast-flowing

Tom Leskiw: A fitting end to summer while awaiting much-wished-for wet noise

On a warm and still Humboldt evening, Sue and I made our way to the Kokte Ranch in Bayside for the Barntini fundraiser for the Jacoby Creek Land Trust (JCLT) and the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center. Mark Fritzke, a friend and JCLT boardmember, pointed us to a parking spot, giving us a minute or two