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Arcata’s Mall of the Wild – the Jacoby Creek Forest

Arcata’s Mall of the Wild – the Jacoby Creek Forest

THERE’S GOT TO BE a better nickname for the amazing and newly expanded Jacoby Creek Forest (JCF). But none better suited to its status as a sanctuary for the wild animal-Americans with whom we share A-town. Clockwise from top left, a Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis); two views of a fisher (Pekania pennanti), video of which may be viewed here; and finally, a ghostly mountain lion or cougar (Puma concolor). Home to many splendid beasts and their fragile habitat, the JCF isn’t open to the public except for occasional limited, city-guided walks. Photos courtesy Michael McDowall | City of Arcata Environmental Services

Jacoby Creek Forest expands by 114 acres

The expansion was made possible thanks to over $1.5 million dollars in funding provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Proposition 1 Watershed Restoration Grant Program, the CAL FIRE Forest Legacy-California Climate Investments Program, the California Natural Resources Agency’s Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Grant Program, the City of Arcata and local donations made to the Humboldt Area Foundation’s Arcata Forest Fund.

2018 harvest wrapped up, Ridge Trail crossing soon to open, city buying Forsyth Property

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The city is preparing to make a long-sought, historic addition of 49 acres to its 2,350-acre Arcata Community Forest (ACF) while wrapping up a harvest in its 1,305-acre Jacoby Creek Forest (JCF). Meanwhile, the Arcata Ridge Trail’s key crossing across county territory is being finalized while a

Jacoby Creek Forest expanding, Humboldt State getting own forest

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union JACOBY CREEK FOREST – Arcata’s “other” municipally-owned woodland, the 1,340-acre Jacoby Creek Forest, is about to expand by 80 acres thanks to a $1,754,000 grant from the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. The grant also helps make possible the acquisition of 887 acres for a new Humboldt State

HSU, Arcata Acting To Counter Climate-Crushing Carbon

Carbonated Discussion On TNT This Week Carbon. We love it in our fizzy drinks and for freezing Han Solo, and as carbon-based units we appreciate this element’s key role in our existence. Carbon is deeply intertwined with our economy and insidiously, is also mucking up the atmosphere and causing global warming. While politicians hem and