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The HUM: Of Bret and The Basement

The HUM: Of Bret and The Basement

A long, long time ago, a young writer named Francis Brett Hart, better known as Bret Harte, was early in his career, working for the Northern Californian, a newspaper in Arcata, then known as Uniontown.  As the story goes, Bret was run out of town, perhaps on a rail, for writing an editorial decrying the wanton

Sloppy Zehndner paper fails to support its narrative

These interns rely on “guilt by association” throughout their paper, and draw an unsupported conclusion that Mr. Zehndner’s “history reflects him to be an opportunist who took advantage of the Indian indenture system in California.” According to the article, the most damning information about Mr. Zehndner seems to be that a 7-year-old girl named “Lucy”

City of Arcata intern research on George Zehndner, commissioner of the McKinley statue

George Zehndner and Local Genocide in Humboldt County   By Steven Munoz and Paul Hilton Humboldt State University research interns with The City of Arcata George Zehndner, an early settler of Arcata, commissioned the statue of the late President McKinley for the City of Arcata.  What do we know about Zehndner?  George Zehndner was born

New book probes Indian Island guerrilla atrocity

A conventional army loses if it does not win. The guerrilla army wins if it does not lose. – Henry Kissinger Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA – A new military history links the infamous Indian Island Massacre to the long tradition of American guerrilla warfare, from at least the early 17th century to Iraq