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Humboldt State’s five-year strategic plan unveiled

Humboldt State’s five-year strategic plan unveiled

“The HSU strategic plan provides a roadmap to ensure a positive, meaningful educational experience for our students,” says HSU President Tom Jackson. “It encourages us to be bold and innovative in all that we do while celebrating our diverse institution and the work of our staff and faculty.”

HSU President Jackson on leave, where to send condolences

Acting President and Condolences for President Jackson President Jackson has stepped away from his presidential duties temporarily due to the death of his son. Vice President of University Advancement Frank Whitlatch is serving as Acting President through Sunday, Oct. 11. Jason Meriwether, vice president of enrollment management, will serve as Acting President starting Monday, Oct.

Hospitalizations rise as COVID-19 advances; Tom, Terry spar over reopening

Cases could be 5-10 times those confirmed; dread, tension mount Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT –  The county’s total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has gone beyond 300 but the actual number could be 10 times that. ​And the steepening climb of cases is beginning to be reflected in hospitalizations. ​The status of COVID-19’s

President Jackson details HSU’s Coronavirus response

The time has come for HSU to implement a number of additional contingency plans and bolster our COVID-19 precautions. While there are no known active COVID-19 cases in our County at this time, and there have been none on campus, these additional precautions are consistent with recent federal and state health directives. In short, we must now do more to protect the health and safety of our campus and local communities.