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Granny Groovy’s Hand-Crafted Farm-Fresh Artisanal Love Muffinarium ramps up production

Granny Groovy’s Hand-Crafted Farm-Fresh Artisanal Love Muffinarium ramps up production

Mad River Union AF ALDERGROVE INDUSTRIAL PARK, April 1, 2019 – The former Humboldt Flakeboard plant is up and running again, but this time as the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen North, And its current product doesn’t build homes, it helps build strong bodies. There, Granny Groovy’s Hand-Crafted Farm-Fresh Artisanal Love Muffins are flying off the

Live from Arcata City Hall, it’s Thursday Night Talk!

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union/KHSU ARCATA CITY HALL – Thursday night July 23, we’re doing a KHSU Thursday Night Talk (TNT) radio show from Arcata City Hall. It may be the first time a general interest public affairs show has been broadcast from City Council Chamber. Exciting! Even more exciting is the topic –

Arcata lays ground for ethical cannabis industrialization

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Cannabis legalization is looming, and even before it comes, Arcata will be well-positioned to welcome eco-positive, labor-friendly, tax-paying marijuana businesses, if all goes as planned. The City Council last week took some of the first steps to transitioning to an above-board cannabis industry by extending the urgency

State marijuana report draws mixed reviews

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – A rigorous system of oversight and evaluation should be in place before California legalizes, taxes and regulates recreational marijuana consumption, according to the initial report of a state blue ribbon panel. The notional monitoring system would track the many anticipated impacts of legalization on youth, the economy, tax

Arcata looks at marijuana industrial park

John Ross Ferrara Mad River Union ARCATA – The City of Arcata is actively discussing the idea of developing a marijuana growing, manufacturing and processing facility within the rundown Humboldt Flakeboard plant on West End Road. The topic was discussed at an Economic Development Committee meeting on April 2, where California Cannabis Voice Humboldt co-founder