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Crab Gab: Beer Team rocks the Crabs bar

Giuliana (Julie) Stagnoli and Vicki Walker keep the beer flowing next to the snack bar. Vicki’s daughter, Kylie Walker, pours beer and cider at the third base bar. All three agree that it’s a great gig. “Everybody wants this job,” Stagnoli said. It would have been her 20th year if not for the lack of a season last year.  Vicki Walker is in her fifth year and Kylie Walker in her first year. “I’m a rookie,” Kylie Walker said.

Crab Gab: A moment of silence at the ballpark

Members of Dennison’s family came from near and far to celebrate his life in a unique way. His brother, Paul Dennison, threw out the first pitch. Also attending were Paul’s wife, Janice, Wayne’s sister Dian Tucker and her husband James, Wayne’s son, Wally, and Wayne’s ex-wife Jenny. Other friends gathered in the section of the bleachers where Wayne usually sat.

Humboldt Crabs can’t help it if they’re good

“They can’t help it if they’re good!” one fan told me yesterday during the game. I asked another prominent super-fan named Steven why he wasn’t leaving early to beat the traffic, and he told me “Well, there’s no traffic on the way home first of all, so we don’t have to beat the traffic.” Asked what the score was at this point in the game he simply replied “I don’t know.”

Vaccination and a free Humboldt Crabs ticket

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union “We’re glad to have games again and come back outside,” Kurt Medeiros said, standing in line for the COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Arcata Ball Park on Saturday, June 19.  Medeiros was there with his son, Corey, and his wife, Shannon Medeiros. The family lives in McKinleyville and have been