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Sean Campbell: Breaking down the latest anti-Measure F canard

Sean Campbell: Breaking down the latest anti-Measure F canard

I have read multiple articles in local papers that make personal attacks on the Arcata Fire District (AFD) Administration regarding salaries and how the Administration should make cuts at the top. Many of these articles reference Transparent California, which can be confusing at best.  After writing multiple articles aimed at educating the community about Arcata Fire

Paul Nicholson: Taxpayers League fills Voter Guide with Measure F falsehoods and distortions

Anti-F’ers say whatever sounds good, true or not Uri Driscoll does it “again!” I just received my Voter Information Guide.  Here is a quote from Mr Driscoll’s statement under Argument Against Measure F!  He wrote, “Why does there appear to no longer be a deficit in AFD’s ledger? Just last year the failed Measure R

A blight of Measure F falsehoods from a league of extraordinary misleaders

“There is not enough room on this page to address the numerous misleading statements and untruths contained in the argument against Measure F. We are saddened the author has not taken time to learn extremely important facts before taking such a negative position on something as important as the safety of our community.”

Paul Nicholson: The shadowy, fact-averse Humboldt County Taxpayers League

I would like to know something about the people and their qualifications since they are making comments that affect the residents’ lives and property of the Arcata Fire District. In contrast, the League of Women Voters posts their address, phone number and board members and is totally transparent.