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Dogtown: This amazing dog will blossom with some TLC

Dogtown: This amazing dog will blossom with some TLC

Redwood Pals Rescue has the lovely Holly available for adoption. Does she look familiar? She is the daughter of Rosie, a shelter dog who was featured here recently. Mother and daughter look very similar. Holly was in the care of Redwood Pals when she was just a pup, along with her mother and siblings.  We

Dogtown: Hero & Diesel are some of the finest gents you’ll ever meet

Wow, Daylight Saving Time already! The trade-off for those early mornings is having daylight until 7:30, certainly a plus for everyone who likes to get outside for a bit after work.  At the shelter, Tuesday and Thursday evenings will now have daylight all the way up to 7 o’clock when the shelter closes. The late

Little lost dogs picked up, need pals (with video of pregnant border collie)

Mad River Union ARCATA – Add to the many lost and abandoned pets needing homes these fresh discoveries in southern Arcata. Do you recognize them? Above, APD is looking for the owner of these two pups. They were found by a citizen near Old Arcata Road. While police check for a microchip, if anyone has