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Dogtown: Meet Digby, a social butterfly

Dogtown: Meet Digby, a social butterfly

One thing that we do at Redwood Pals Rescue is to work with the dogs at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter that have not yet passed their shelter temperament testing.  Sometimes these dogs are very shy, or overwhelmed by the barking and activity of the shelter. Handling them gently, bringing them goodies and exposing them

Dogtown: Special dogs seek special homes

I usually write up the adoptable dogs at the county shelter or the dogs we are working with at Redwood Pals Rescue, but sometimes there are dogs in an in-between category.  These two, Jasper and Rufus, fall into one of those groups. Both of these dogs have already passed their temperament tests, but medical conditions have

Dogtown: Get pally with survivors Allie and Mali

We’ve mentioned the shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund (EMF) here before. It is independent of the shelter and run by Friends for Life Animal Rescue.  The EMF was created to provide funds for necessary veterinary procedures that are outside of the shelter’s limited budget.  Like so many charities, December is the big giving month and by