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Sea level rise experts urge more science

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA — Local sea rise experts have alerted the California Coastal Commission that the state’s pending update of sea level science findings overlooks two crucial studies of the North Coast’s vulnerabilities. At a commission hearing June 7 at Humboldt State University, veteran environmental planner Aldaron Laird of Trinity Associates, Arcata,

Coastal Commission deals double blow to Coast Seafoods

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – On a narrow 6-5 vote, the California Coastal Commission has rejected Coast Seafoods’ request to renew the permit for its existing oyster operation and simultaneously denied the company’s bid to expand farming in Humboldt Bay. Commissioners voted against the permits today, June 7 near the close of a

Island living beckons – close to town, way off grid on Humboldt Bay

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union INDIAN ISLAND – It’s closer to Eureka than Arcata, or even Manila, yet totally remote. It’s secluded, but open to stunning views of Eureka’s postcardy waterfront. It’s private and exclusive, but without walls or gates. Though occupied since at least 900 A.D., it’s not widely known as a residential

Bay billboards coming down

Humboldt County Association of Governments  HUMBOLDT – The Humboldt County Association of Governments announced last week that the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has reached an agreement with OUTFRONT Media (formerly CBS Outdoor) to remove 10 billboards along U.S. Highway 101 between Eureka and Arcata by the end of the year. Removal of these billboards will help

Interim use status would liberate key peninsula properties

Local jobs and public revenues are being lost due to outdated coastal zoning designations that prevent the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conservation District from leasing its property and providing economic development opportunities for our community. The Harbor District and our leasing agent have turned away many prospective tenants ranging from manufacturers to wholesale distributors

Billboards bump uglies on the bay

Andale Courier Mad River Union HUMBOLDT BAY, APRIL 1 – The local chapter of the American CIvil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against activist and former Arcata City Councilmember and bay billboard-tilter-atter Dave Meserve,. The civil rights guardians contend that Meserve’s efforts to get billboards removed along the U.S. Highway 101 corridor between