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Arcata continues to investigate Lawson homicide

Arcata continues to investigate Lawson homicide

City of Arcata ARCATA – Arcata Police Department continues an active investigation into the homicide of David Josiah Lawson. Since criminal investigations can take time, the City wants to remind the community that this is an active and open case. The Police Department is working through a defined investigative strategy based on all the physical

HSU mum on donations for Lawson case

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – The Humboldt State University administration declines to say if it is taking part in marshaling donations solicited by the family of slain sophomore David Josiah Lawson. While Arcata Police investigators continue to interview witnesses, including new ones, in the unsolved homicide case, Vice President Craig Wruck, chief of

Slain HSU student’s mother offers $10,000 reward

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA— Charmaine Michelle Lawson is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who stabbed to death her son, Humboldt State University David Josiah Lawson, 19, at an Easter weekend house party here. Hosting an outdoor press conference today, May 18

Charges dismissed against suspect in fatal stabbing

Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA – Superior Court Judge Dale Reinholtsen has dismissed the murder charges against McKinleyville resident Kyle Zoellner, 23, in connection to the slaying April 15 of Humboldt State University student David Josiah Lawson, 19. The judge ruled that insufficient evidence lead him to conclude that further investigation is warranted. He

Zoellner’s family denying he murdered HSU student

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – The family of accused murderer Kyle Zoellner has issued a lengthy statement to the press, arguing “unequivocally” that the 23-year-old did not stab to death Humboldt State University sophomore Josiah Lawson, 19, at a house party here on April 15. The family alleges that multiple fights were in

Pepper spray victim in fatal mêlée

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA — Kyle Castillo, a College of the Redwoods student, was one of the indirect targets of an alleged pepper spray attack that reportedly led to the murder of Humboldt State University student David Josiah Lawson. Castillo was at an afterparty on April 14 to 15 at a house on

Easter killing in Arcata inflames racial tensions

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – The alleged white-on-black murder of a Humboldt State University sophomore on Easter weekend is reverberating through the North Coast’s long history of racial hostility and through Humboldt State’s reputation among students of color for careless white paternalism and an aloof, inaccessible administration – especially at the highest levels

Arcata’s vice-mayor deplores racism’s role in killing

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – Days after the murder of a black Humboldt State University undergraduate, Arcata Vice-Mayor Sofia Pereira issued an unsparing condemnation. “We cannot continue to ignore the systemic and cultural racism that exists in our community,” she declared at the opening of last week’s regular Arcata City Council meeting. “While