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McKinleyville seeks solutions to homeless problem

McKinleyville seeks solutions to homeless problem

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – Scruffy people walking through neighborhoods at night yelling at themselves. Grown men, high on meth, riding children’s bikes and peeking into car windows. Druggies slumped over in bushes, discarded syringes nearby. These are some of the scenes in McKinleyville that have residents upset and concerned. Although there are

Video shows squalor of muddy homeless camp in Eureka

Mad River Union EUREKA – An activist has released a video taken last Sunday, Oct. 30 which shows the squalor and misery of living conditions in a city sanctioned homeless camp along the waterfront in Eureka. The video, by Nezzie Wade of Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, was taken during a calm between rainstorms. The camp

Humboldt Homelessness Dips Slightly

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – The county’s Housing and Homelessness Coalition has released its 2013 “Point-in-Time” count of homeless persons and the total number has dropped by 47. The coalition’s counting and surveying of homeless people was updated at the Jan. 7 Board of Supervisors meeting. The once-every-two-years count was done countywide in