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Caught in a lie

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – When first asked by the Union whether she had written an email that smacked of extortion, the former head of the Yes on Measure V campaign flatly denied doing so, stating, “No! No! No! I don’t know how else to say that word – wait; nien, nay, non,

Extortion? Email becomes fodder in rent control fight

UPDATE 10.25.16: According to an article in today’s Times-Standard, Hilary Mosher confirmed that she did, in fact, write the email. This contradicts statements made by Mosher to the Union in which she denied writing the email and suggests that the email was just a campaign dirty trick. UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after this article was

Mobile home rent control advances as advocate alleges ‘smear campaign’

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Local rent control options for mobile home parks are limited by state law, but Arcata will go ahead and see what it can do to stabilize housing costs for mobile home residents. Responding to persistent appeals for relief by residents of local mobile home parks, the City