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Fitness made friendly at Fit Nor Cal – Grand Opening this Friday night

Fitness made friendly at Fit Nor Cal – Grand Opening this Friday night

Kevin Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – American obesity rates continue to climb, both among adults and children. And Arcata’s vibrant culinary scene – from its unique, enticing restaurants to the stunning array of local foods available at the Farmers’ Market, not to mention the luscious spreads laid out at various events and occasions –

Walk With a Doc on the Hammond Trail

“A Walk With A Doc” will be held Saturday, March 16 on the Hammond Trail starting at 11 a.m. at Hiller Park. This free community event, sponsored by the Humboldt Del Norte County Medical Society, begins with a physician giving a brief talk on a health-related topic. Then the doctors and participants take a three-mile

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Responds – February 2, 2012

We would like nothing more than for the Komen Foundation to reconsider and recommit to what has been a great partnership for women who need and receive breast health services. Politics should never get in the way of women’s health care – whether it is access to birth control or breast cancer screenings. The real victims of this decision are the thousands of women who rely on these lifesaving services.

Janae Zolna: Body Art Can Leave You With Lasting Medical Complications – September 12, 2011

Dental problems such as chipped or broken teeth and gum damage are commonly reported related to tongue barbells, especially after two years or more of duration. The infection rate of tongue piercings is not as high as you would expect with the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Rinsing with oral cleansers such as Listerine may help prevent infections. Oral and nasal piercings can be accidently swallowed or inhaled.

Julie Barnum: Navigating Humboldt’s Health Issues Starts With An Open Door – August 30, 2011

While it is normal to experience new things at this age, it is also essential to consider the well being of your health as you start the foundation of this next stage of your life. Rather than being daunted by the responsibilities of college, rest easy knowing that you’ve come to a community dedicated to providing support for health and wellness.