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Death threats over guiding principle rewrites

County supervisors have decided to hold another public hearing on their revisions to the General Plan Update’s guiding principles, a red hot issue that’s drawing strong reactions – including death threats. Opposition to the revisions emerged again at a June 17 update hearing and supervisors emphasized that they’re not final and another hearing will be

Will entire General Plan be overhauled?

The Board of Supervisors will consider altering the General Plan Update’s guiding principles section and one supervisor has warned that doing so will trigger an overhaul of the update’s entire contents. The guiding principles are value statements that outline what the update is trying to achieve. Approved years ago under different political circumstances, they’re controversial

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers are now going to fund development costs

Editor: I guess you get what you pay for. With a 4-1 vote (Supervisor Mark Lovelace dissenting) the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors recently voted to reduce developers’ costs and eliminate others. By eliminating the fair share cost policy in the General Plan Update, developers are now not responsible for the costs of infrastructure improvements

GPU: Turning Down the Volume

The Board of Supervisors has finished reviewing the General Plan Update’s Noise Update, approving policies that set noise reduction standards and call for a new ordinance to enforce them. Residents who want relief from noise-related annoyances will soon be serviced with regulatory tools to address them. At a Feb. 11 update hearing, County Planner Michael

Health Studies Snubbed in General Plan Update

By Daniel Mintz Press Reporter   A majority of the Board of Supervisors has rejected the idea of using health impact studies to guide transportation planning decisions. Supervisors considered the relevancy of health impact assessments when they reviewed the update’s Circulation Element at a Jan. 28 update hearing. Most supervisors agreed that mention of health

GPU: Stakeholders Clarify Future Work

By Daniel Mintz Press Reporter   The role of a General Plan Update stakeholders group is continuing to gain definition, as its representatives have said that workloads will probably be streamlined and a facilitator may be hired to guide their meetings. The ad hoc group is working with the Board of Supervisors to review the