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The Community Futsal Project – Arcata: mysteries revealed!

The Community Futsal Project – Arcata: mysteries revealed!

Coming soon, a place to play soccer outdoors, year ’round, rain or shine. Coming soon, a place for community members to gather and play alongside one another and have fun whenever they want. Coming soon, a safe place for children to gather after school and play the most popular game on the planet. Coming soon,

Temperance League Fountain to get historical plaque

Steve Robles Mad River Union ARCATA – The Arcata City Council voted last week to form language for a plaque at the Women’s Christian Temperance Union fountain on the Plaza. Following a unanimous vote, in which only City Manager Karen Diemer briefly mentioned the history of the temperance movement, the council formed a subcommittee comprised

Parks & Rec to dicuss e-vehicles on trails

  Mad River Union ARCATA – The popularity  of electric bicycles has surprised some users of the Humboldt Bay Trail North. Along with e-bikes, the onset of electrified “onewheel” skateboards have also signified a change in the overall user experience on the Arcata Marsh-traversing trail. Arcata’s Parks and Recreation Committee will discuss the use of