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Independence Day 2018 events, an incomplete list

Independence Day 2018 events, an incomplete list

Mad River Union ARCATA/EUREKA – Both Arcata and Eureka will celebrate Independence Day on Wednesday, July 4 with downtown festivals. 4th of July Jubilee The Arcata Chamber of Commerce presents the 4th of July Jubilee from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Arcata Plaza. The event includes live music with Midazwail, Madi Simmons &

Church fireworks booth gets ripped off

Sheryl Sandige Special To The Union ARCATA – Thousands of dollars worth of fireworks were stolen from a locked storage unit adjacent to a Catalyst Church fireworks booth sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. The booth, located in the Valley West shopping center, had only been open one day. Thieves broke in and stole most