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Unusual creature makes appearance at city committee

Unusual creature makes appearance at city committee

  Skeezix Aldebaron Mad River Union ARCATA, April 1 – The Forest Management Committee (FMC) ground briefly to a halt last Thursday at the unexpected appearance of a strange creature in the sea of empty chairs at the rear of Council Chamber.  The committee is accustomed to looking after rare and threatened species in the

2018 harvest wrapped up, Ridge Trail crossing soon to open, city buying Forsyth Property

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The city is preparing to make a long-sought, historic addition of 49 acres to its 2,350-acre Arcata Community Forest (ACF) while wrapping up a harvest in its 1,305-acre Jacoby Creek Forest (JCF). Meanwhile, the Arcata Ridge Trail’s key crossing across county territory is being finalized while a

Proposed new parcel tax would fund open space, trails, creeks and wildlife

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Once a year the City Council sits down with its four environmental advisory committees, takes updates and looks ahead. The meeting also lets the citizen-led groups – Forest Management, Open Space & Agriculture, Parks & Recreation and Wetlands & Creeks – learn about what the others are

Arcata Public meetings for Sept. 12 – 14

PLANCO The Arcata Planning Commission meets Tuesday, Sept. 12 in Council Chamber at City Hall, 736 F St. Agenda items include adoption of a California Environmental Quality Act exemption for an addition, remodeling and modifications to Café Vrio, 791 G St.; approval of a minor use permit and design review to a property at 1183

Diller’s loss creates forest committee vacancy; scholarship established

Mad River Union ARCATA – The passing of 27-year member Lowell Diller has created a vacancy on the Arcata Forest Management Committee (FMC). The Arcata City Council is looking for an Arcata resident with wildlife habitat expertise to be a volunteer member of the FMC. This committeemember will join a group of six others with

Colleagues, friends mourn loss of Lowell Diller

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Humboldt State University Wildlife professor Lowell Diller has passed away at age 69. Diller was a 27-year member of Arcata’s Forest Management Committee. A scholarship is being established in his name at HSU. Environmental Services Director Mark Andre said Diller had “a passion for all things living,”

Dogs, horses, cyclists, joggers, hikers foment forest friction, trail sabotage, interesting conversations and blood

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Even before the Jan. 12 Arcata Forest Management Committee meeting had reached the first business item on its agenda, a theme had developed – user conflicts in the Arcata Community Forest. Virtually none of various forest user groups escaped criticism. While the early morning meeting rarely enjoys

Heroes or hoodlums? City vows to identify, apprehend ‘pirate’ trailbuilders

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST – The Arcata Community Forest is growing, gaining infrastructure and is, once again, steeped in a certain amount of drama and mystery. Just a stroll from where the mysterious cabin once stood, the city has cracked down, undoing new illegal construction. But this time, rebellion is

Arcata forest plan proving hard to update

 Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union  ARCATA – What’s harder – wrangling millions of dollars in grants, acquiring vast tracts of valuable land with huge development potential to protect its natural values, engaging hundreds of community volunteers to spend their free time restoring distressed woodlands to create a world-renowned, sustainably managed redwood forest dedicated to nature,

An update on Arcata forest issues

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Hardly anyone from the public attends the monthly meetings of the Forest Management Committee (FMC) – including its citizen members. Even with an update of the Forest Management Plan underway, the Arcata Ridge Trail steadily growing and a timber harvest in the works, the FMC hasn’t had